Bauli Moonfils Orange

Bauli Moonfils Orange

Bauli Moonfils chocolate 2 Bauli Moonfils chocolate 2


Feel the relish of orange in a filling that packs a punch of tanginess. Surrounded by soft roll which melts in the mouth and will leave you asking for more.

Net Weight: 47g

bauli moonfils chocolate ingredients


Refined Wheat Flour, Edible/ Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil, Water, Eggs, Sugar, Liquid Glucose, Emulsifier (471), Humectant (420), Yeast, Orange Juice Concentrate (1.2%), Milk Solids, Edible Common Salt, Corn Flour, Thickening Agent [440 (I)], Egg Yolk Powder, Class II Preservative (202) And Acidity Regulator (330).

Contains permitted natural food colour [160a(ii) and added artificial flavour (s) (vanilla, Butter & Orange) Hydrogenated vegetable fat used-contains Trans Fat Polyols may have laxative effects Contains wheat, Skimmed milk powder &  egg hypersensitive ingredients.


Nutritional information per 100 g product

ENERGY 427.52 kcal
PROTEIN 6.62 g
of which SUGAR 18.84 g
TOTAL FAT 20.88 g